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Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is viewed as Kitesurfing heaven!

Skim on pleasant waves and feel the breezes as you ride on the most ideal waves for Kitesurfing in SriLanka.

As some state, Dolphins and Kite Surfing are what pulls in individuals to the wonderful coast and welcoming brilliant shorelines of Kalpitiya. The close ideal climate conditions along the wonderful Kalpitiya coast and solid breezes blowing, it best the rundown for experienced Kite Surfers. With wind speeds between 17-26 bunches, Kalpitiya is a Kite surfers dream worked out.

It's the perfect beginning stage for tenderfoots with Kitesurfing teachers who will direct you through your absolute first moves and security measures at Kitesurfing as an undertaking sport.

Kalpitiya isn't just generally well known in Sri Lanka however has additionally increased a quickly developing prominence as one of the absolute best Kitesurfing areas in South Asia. Kalpitiya has transformed into a little treasure for Kitesurfing lovers all over the world.

Kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya offer sessions at a few times of the day relying upon the course you are intrigued and your calendar the schools will customize your mind-blowing Kitesurfing plan on your Vacation in our delightful emerald island. Experience and fervour anticipate you on Kalpitiya shores with an ensured Adrenaline surge!

the ultimate destination for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka - Kalpitiya

In case you're a kitesurfing adventurist and are pondering what your next goal ought to be, look nomore remote than Kalpitiya, situated in Puttalam District in the astonishing island of Sri Lanka. Asone of the top goals for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, the lovely landmass of Kalpitiya checks allcontainers for the ideal kitesurfing occasion in heaven – it flaunts dazzling magnificence, it has superbreezes and kitesurfing spots for a wide range of kitesurfers and it has brilliant IKO affirmedpreparing educators, schools and hardware.

There is something for all ability levels of kitesurfing in Kalpitiya – fledglings will appreciate figuringout how to kitesurf on the beautiful level water tidal ponds, while genuine kiters can surf superwaveriding spots in the Indian Ocean. Also, there are a few sandbanks and little islands adjacent, whichmake for energizing kitesurfing outings. Another motivation behind why Kalpitiya is perfect forkitesurfing is that this zone is generally uncrowded, and kiters can appreciate quiet sessions amongpeaceful settings.

To finish everything off, Kalpitiya has astonishing settlement choices, for example, Bar Reef Resort,in addition to it is situated in nearness to huge amounts of amazing sights and hints of Sri Lanka,guaranteeing your vacation here is finished.

The best time for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya: May - October & December - March

The best kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya: Kalpitiya Lagoon & Kappalady Lagoon

Visit our Kitesurfing School for Lessons & Rentals

Best Kitesurfing periods is May to October.
Book a beginners or advanced course before your arrival.
Check on available gear from your Kitesurfing school.
One on one private lessons are possible.

Special packages for kitsurfers

All packages includes Accommodation at Bar Reef Resort & Transfers to flat water lagoon by car and boat


Beginner course (9 hours individual)
Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.
€ 768
Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.
€ 890
Beginner course (9 hours group)
Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.
€ 678
Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.
€ 799


Beginner course (9 hours group)
Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.
€ 707
Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.
€ 830